• 20+ years of software development.
    • Windows user level and device driver programming
    • Linux user level and device driver programming
    • Embedded software development in QNX, VxWorks and custom OS
    • Android Development with apps in google marketplace
    • My github
    • Multiple language experience: 
      • C/C++, 
      • Objective-C,
      • Java, 
      • PERL/PHP, 
      • Python, 
      • Lua, 
      • Powershell, 
      • Bash, 
      • Makefiles etc
  • Masters and undergraduate education in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering
  • Continuing education at graduate and undergraduate level onsite at North Carolina State University, University of Maryland Baltimore County and Johns Hopkins.  Similar education at online universities via and from Stanford, Rice, Berkely and MIT.
  • Two years of undergraduate Mandarin in speaking, reading and writing.
  • Self taught German at beginner level.
 Resume is here
 List of recent classes is here
Summary of Machine Learning and Big Data classes is here

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