These are presentations I have given at various software development conferences

Foss that is me with on the first couple of pics.
Custom triple guage with arduino 

FOSS on Android Development

TriDroid on Android Development

TriLug on Debian Linux
  Here is the submission to Debian Docs with presentation in html form.

FOSS and BarCampRDU on Opensource Development Tools - Screen, vim, Ctags, ID-Utils, eclipse and gdb
  While this particular PDF is kind of sparse, the demo was much more interesting. I showed how to build a device driver
in C using VIM and then Java code using eclipse to manipulate the driver to control the parallel port.  The parallel port had
a plug in port of LEDs connected via resistors so the java code could light individual LEDs.

GoogleDevFest-North Carolina 
  Not so much a presentation but code examples discussion for Google DocApp and SheetsApp.